Watching Television together with the tweens


Kids of this century are surrounded by gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more.These gadgets have given them access to an endless amount of information and entertainment through television shows and other media platforms. As parents, it has become harder to keep an eye on every move of their child on the internet. However,parents can make an effort to watch Television together with the tweens which can be very fruitful.

Tweens are at the age where they are less likely to confide in their parents, but watching television is a great way of bonding with the kids. Watching a show together can spark conversation kids are usually shy about talking about. Watching shows that parents may have an objective against can be very opportunistic as it helps identify and correct media
messaging that goes against the values that parents want to develop.

Navigating landmines in middle school

As the kids start school, they start distancing themselves from the care of their parents. These are also the times when the tweens undergo identity issues, friendship drama, and peer pressure which are very much influenced by television shows and other forms of media.

The challenge the parents need to face is to watch their kid’s shows with them and talk to them without being scared or condemning them. Parents can help tweens learn to make the best out of what they see and deconstruct the values instead of demonising the world for them.

Watching Television together Creates bonding experience

Watching shows can bring the child closer to the parents. Tweens are at the age they start relying on their friends rather than on their parents. Watching a show together is one way of staying in contact with the tweens’ world. In this way, the comfort level increases, and the
kids are more reluctant to open up.

Kids opening-up

Once the kids have started sharing their experiences through the content that they watch with their parents the walls of discomfort also start to drop. Kids are more likely to discuss their problems and discomfort with their parents if they come across anything related to what
they say on television.

Watching Television together can help in damage control

Watching shows is one way of starting conversations that are often hard to talk about. Kids may watch things that are very upsetting and do not reflect their parents’ values. These are the times when the parents can do damage control and question the values that are not appreciated.


Saying no to watching a particular content can eliminate the chances of discussing important topics about life. Watching together with the child opens doors to conversations that are usually hard to bring up.

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