Benefits of Playing Outdoors

playing outdoors


There are a lot of benefits of playing outdoors, including the child’s overall physical development and mental growth. The development done through outdoor playing is quite extensive and incomparable to any other activity during school period. But why is outdoor play so important for kids?

The answer to this question can get quite long because it impacts a child’s weight, strength, and ability to fight off illness inside out. And if you encourage your kid to play outdoors from the initial levels, they will develop a healthy lifestyle and will stay active throughout the day. Not just this, there is a lot more on the table, and to help you understand the concept better, here are some benefits of playing outdoors for kids –

1. Improves physical development –

Whenever a kid plays outdoors, all their senses get involved both directly and indirectly. Whatever the activity is, be it running, lifting, pulling things, catching, jumping, or throwing balls, everything includes a lot of efforts. And all of these actions require a lot of motor skills while practicing. Also, all these activities burn more calories and strengthens bones and muscles.

2. Contributes to cognitive and social development –

Playing outdoors naturally encourages kids to interact and play with others. Whatever the game is, playing with group expands the opportunity to explore everyone’s likings. This thing works best while playing unstructured outdoor games and develops positive behavioural skills too.  Additionally, interacting with others and playing freely reduces stress levels too.

3. Improves sensory skills –

Children who play regularly have better vision than kids who always stay indoors. In particular, kids learn a lot of new things through their senses itself.  For example, think about your little one experiencing or viewing falling flowers and fruits, and the other one just staying indoors, glued to the TV. Obviously, the one who have experienced things outside will develop better sensory skills!

4. Boost’s immunity –

Playing Outdoors stimulates pineal gland, a part of brain that is responsible to keep immune system strong and healthy. The gland also makes a person feel happier. Moreover, spending time in nature improves the bonding towards environment, and the person will more likely appreciate the nature.

5. Help in sleep

Outdoor play can affect another important aspect of sleep. It exposes children to sunlight which help our brains to synchronize with the natural rhythms of day and night. So, our brain shifts gears more readily as in when night rolls around. But You’ll also need to minimize your child’s exposure to artificial lighting at night which can suppress or delay the release of melatonin.

Whatever your child’s age you have to encourage your kid the most to play outside away from screens. You can help them explore parks, playgrounds, along with you, because they will enjoy playing more!

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14 Replies to “Benefits of Playing Outdoors

  1. You are absolutely right..Playing outdoors is the best. I feel sorry for the kids. They are jailed indoors with no school or friends to play with. My grandsons have not stepped out since last year. How I wish Covid disappears fast and let the kids enjoy the outdoors and their childhood

  2. Being a mother myself I cannot deny the importance of playing outdoor for kids. My boys are complete outdoors ones and last year was a punishment for them. Still, they manage to play on the roof in whatever possible way. I’m a monster mom when it comes to mobile or TV and kids glued to it, I never allow screen time beyond a permissible limit. If one can’t play just go out, walk, or cycle just enjoy the outdoors.

  3. A big yes!! Playing outdoors offers multiple benefits when it comes to the overall growth of kids. A daily dose of sunshine and fresh air is so crucial for the little ones.

  4. Playing outdoors improves the immune system of the children. These days, most of the time children are hooked to gadgets and prefer to stay in. This is not a good habit.

  5. Kids physical and mental health is of utmost importance for any parents. Apart from all the pointers you mentioned which are very apt, it tires them physically and this gives them a sound sleep.

  6. Of course cannot stress more on the need to play outdoors. To the already reluctant kids Corona gave an excuse to stay inside. You have elucidated the points very well
    Deepika Sharma

  7. Now that kids aren’t able to play outdoors we’re realising the need for it even more acutely. Outdoor games help in overall development and must be encouraged.

  8. It’s really important for kids to play outdoor as it improves their physical and mental growth!!

  9. Nothing can trump the benefits of playing outdoors. Unfortunately, due to the Pandemic, Kids were left with no option except to confine themselves to their homes. I have witnessed the side effects of it on my kids. They messed up with their sleep hours; they start gaining weight; my younger one started spending more with gadgets.

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