Importance of Kisses and Hugs for The Little One

kisses and hugs for the little one


We as parents are quick to respond to kid’s wrong actions, but not good enough to actually hold them and plant a kiss for good. Because of all the humdrum around, we often fail to express love to kids which in turn can mess up the kid’s mood. Therapist says, kisses and hugs does wonders to a child’s cognitive and emotional development.

Young children fail to understand all the words that we say to them but they do understand the meaning of a loving hug, a reassuring hand to hold or a kiss where it hurts. Parents often kiss their child out of undefined love and affection but they don’t know that as much like hugs, there is science involved in the benefits of kissing your baby. It boosts up the emotional connection between the parent and the child and help them grow smarter, healthier and more resilient.

Importance of kisses and hugs for the Little One

Now if you need some more reasons to hug and kiss your little one, here it is

1)It promotes growth: 

Physical contact plays a major role in a child’s growth, and a gentle touch such as hugging, is one of the most important stimulation required for healthy brain ​. Hugs and kisses release love hormone – oxytocin that further is responsible for nerve growth and insulin-like growth hormones. As a result, the nurturing touch of a hug stimulates physical growth.

2)Lower’s temper tantrums: 

Try hugging or kissing your little one when they are angry, it will quickly melt down their anger. Many parents worry that they may reward a bad behaviour by hugging a tantrum-throwing. But Hugging without giving in will help your child learn to self- regulate. So next time when your kid is feeling angry, you know what best you have to do!

3)It’s good for Reduction of Stress

Did you know that children’s also experience stress just like we adults? Yes, they do, and the best part is you can relieve it all just by a hug or kiss! You probably know that cortisol is a stress hormone, but did you know that hugs can actually combat cortisol? The science of this is pretty involved, but essentially a hug can lower cortisol levels and counteract the physiological consequences around being stressed.

4)It promotes healthy self-esteem

Nonetheless, when the little one is happy, they will stay healthier. And above all, it even boosts self-esteem and confidence. When we give our children daily hugs and kisses, it reassures them that they are loved. These associations of self-worth stay with them till adulthood. We can boost their confidence with just a simple hug. It helps to provide a safety net for them and builds up their ability to love themselves for who they are.

5)Help to develop empathy

Hugging allows your child to know the value of empathy. You child learns to connect with you on an emotional and physiological level. Many times, kids may have difficulty in conveying how they are feeling. They fear being laughed upon. A simple hug and kiss on a forehead can bring reassurance and empathy, allowing kids to open up to you easily. With this exchange of energy, hugging teaches your child that they can show love to others. They develop an understanding of how you might be feeling.

6)Kissing helps in increasing the immunity in kids:

it’s a medically proven fact that kissing and hugging helps to strengthen one’s immunity. This works effectively in kids. The emotional charge that a hug creates stimulates the thymus gland, which is responsible for regulating the body’s production of white blood cells. Secondly it also studies have shown that the hormone that is released as a result of hugging has analgesic effects, has the ability restore the body’s balance. The combination of all these processes helps in improving immunity of your kids by fighting off viruses and infections.

7)Improves parent-kid bond: 

Hugs can strengthen the parent – kid bond that you share. Making sure that your child receives enough hugs in a day like Instil a habit of hugging your child when he/she wakes up or when he/she is boarding his school bus. Cuddling and kissing your child just before they sleep, increases the levels of Oxycontin Which help them fall asleep quickly and staying asleep at night. A warm hug will alleviate their fear and brings trust to your relationship.

Next time, give your child a big gentle cuddle, with permission of course, and give them the amazing benefits of hugging. A gentle hug and kisses during the day will uplift both your spirits and keep you both happy. It functions in a similar fashion to laughter and mediation. On top of that, hugging helps us eliminate the frustrations.

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19 Replies to “Importance of Kisses and Hugs for The Little One

  1. In my series for AtoZ of Mom’s be everything, today my post also had this beautiful role which mom’s play of being best kisser for her kids. Hugs and kisses are so important part of showing love to our kids, and it also helps nurture physical touch and bonding. Loved all your points of bond, empathy, reducing stress.

  2. Can never undermine the role of hugs and kisses in a baby’s life. And you have added so many more layers to it wonderful read
    Deepika Sharma

  3. Kids do understand the warmth they get from hugs and kisses. This is such an important post for parents!!

  4. That’s why Munnabhai called it Jaddu ki jhappi. Sadly we do not acknowledge the power of hug.
    We kiss a small kid, but the routine vanishes off when he/she gets older.

    I don’t remember where but I read that the way you greet your child when he wakes up shapes his emotions.

  5. Hugs and kisses are very powerful when it comes to express and feel affection. When we exchange kisses with babies, it gives them a strong sense of security and we feel positive and rejuvenated. Loved your post.

  6. Strongly agree with all the pointers; kisses and hugs do wonders for child growth; they better understand the term empathy. Also, it builds confidence in children in a truly magical way.

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