Know the Ways to Prevent Bullies During Tween Years


Building self-esteem is a core component for preventing bullying. Healthy self-esteem gives a child confidence, makes them find their strengths and weaknesses, and feel good about themselves. Bullies are the ones who are looking for those who would react to their hurtful words and tweens with low self-esteem become their soft targets for them. so it important to know the ways to prevent bullies during tween Years.

Tweens who are groomed well with their self-esteem are likely to survive them by simply brushing them off. This also gives the bullies the impression that their bullying will not work on them and they do not try again. There are a lot of ways in a which a child can be trained and prepared by their parents to face these kind of bullies, a few of them are
discussed below:

Teaching kids to be confident

Kids who display fear and low self-esteem through their slumped shoulders and the even tone of their voice can signal the bullies as a weak target. Teaching a tween and teen to make firm eye contact helps send a message that they are someone to be messed with. As a reaction
bullies may back off if the target looks straight in the eye.

Be assertive

Teach your tweens the difference between aggressive behaviour and assertive behaviour. People with assertive behaviour act righteously and are comfortable defending and standing up for themselves and others against unfairness. Aggressive behaviour displays control,
intimidation, and yelling.

Nurture friendships

There is safety in numbers. Bullies are usually for those kids that are isolated and become an easy target. If your kids have friends, they won’t have to worry much about facing bullies.

Kids often blame themselves for all the wrongs done to them by the bullies. As if they triggered it. This causes the kids to change their looks and avoid telling their troubles to others.

It is okay to make mistakes

Always encourage your tween to take a risk and allow them to feel disappointments and setbacks without feeling a sense of failure. Teach them to learn from these situations and move on. This way they will develop resiliency.

Praise your tweens for their character

Always praise your tweens for their academics and their sports achievements. Try to compliment them for their kindness, leadership qualities, generosity, empathy, or anything that displays positive behaviour.


It is best to be prepared against bullies. Parents should work with their kids to prepare them and help them stand up for themselves. In this way, they can handle the situation by themselves.For this reason, work with your kids on knowing ways to prevent bullies during tween Years.

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