Make your Tween Independent And Yet Keep Close To You


As the tween move nearer to their teenage years the urge for independence also grows.Parents on the other hand are in a continuous struggle to control them and keep them close.This tug of war can be settled with a help of a few tips that will help the tween to enjoy their
freedom while being encircled by a set of rules set by the parents. The tips that will be discussed below will help to make your tween independent yet keeping them close at the same time.

Showing tweens that their parents love and support them

Tweens are those times when the kids shy away from the physical affection the parents give like hugs, kisses, and holding hands in public. These are the acts that make them embarrassed and they often refrain from it. However, there are other ways parents can show their affection. Parents can start by being interested in what their tweens are doing. Getting involved in their hobbies, appreciating their work, and support in anything they do right.By doing all this you will make your tween independent and happy. This will in turn make your tween more responsible.

Respecting the tweens’ emotions and needs

Tweens undergo emotional, physical, and psychological changes which often make them anxious, angry, and confused. Such behaviour is part of growing up and completely natural.These are the times they need their parents the most. Parents should respect their emotions even though they are not adults.

Teaching tweens the importance of being responsible for their actions

To make your tween independent it is important to learn to take responsibility for their actions. Tweens can make many mistakes but parents can watch from afar and let them realize what they did wrong. Of course, parents can guide them as making mistakes is part of growing up.Parents can also set an example by being sorry for any mistake they made towards the tweens. This also helps create a healthy bond between the parents and the kids.

Help them to learn cooking

On a road to independence, parents should normalise the practice of life skills such as cooking, cleaning, and taking care of themselves. Learning these things will help them not to rely on any basic thing such as food. This will also encourage them to eat healthily and avoid junk foods.

Teaching the tween to be safe

Independence also comes with a risk of being unsafe. Parents can ensure their safety by enrolling them in self-defense classes. Parents should also teach their kids the stranger danger and going to unknown places should be strictly avoided. Also, teach them to choose friends that do not take them to places they might regret.


Tween age is a transformation phase that is tough for both you and your child. While as a parent,you feel overly protected but your tween could be demanding space. So maintain a good relationship with your child and tell them your worries. Independence is everyone’s right but without keeping the behavior in check it can be very dangerous. Parents should help to follow the right path so that they can live a safe and happy life.

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