Why & How to Have a Pen Pal As an Tween


Electronic media has shrunk the world and tween are addicted to it. In this scenario Communicating with a penfriend can be worth considering .Today there are many ways to correspond with pen pals thanks to technology.Tween can either send hand-written letters and postcards or can choose to exchange email messages . If the child has a pen pal, then it can help them to explore this world better.

Benefits of having a Pen Pal

Having a pen pal can be beneficial for the social development of any tween. Below are some of the benefits

Improvement of reading and writing skills:

The reading and writing skills of a tween can improve in a great way while communicating . This can be done so through the letters exchanged and online communication. In this way, the kids can learn many words and increase their vocabulary.

If a tween wants to learn a new language, a pen pal from another country can motivate them to read and write . Even writing in English helps them build their writing and social skills.

Help in new perspective

Kids become egocentric as they become closer to adolescence. Stories heard first-hand from their pen pal can help the tweens to look from someone else perspective and think outside of themselves.

Promoting patience:

Kids gradually learn to delay gratification or wait for a greater reward as they grow further away from their childhood. When it comes to an international pen pal waiting for their reply or a letter that can take weeks to reach can help develop patience.Upon receiving the reply or the awaited letter can be very joyous and would be very rewarding for the tween.

Encourage interest in social media:

Belonging to a completely different nation, pen pal can ignite the interest in social studies and the history of the world. Sharing information like geography, politics, and world history will feel less foreign coming from a pen friend

Support development of social skills:

Introverts tween in particular can benefit greatly from social interaction with a pen friend. Having a pen friend can promote key skills like forming common bonds and making friends.

How to find a Pen Pal

There are numerous agencies online who run pen pal program. But I would suggest that you should think following ways

  • Start with your circle like your friends who have international family or friendships.  Can they connect you with someone your child’s age?
  • Ask your school or public libraries if they have pen pal programs for tween . You can choose to correspond using the Internet or the postal service.


Parents can enjoy observing their kids’ experience grow if they are allowed to get in contact with pen pals. A tween should only write to a pen pal who is similar in age. Parents can collaborate with teachers to provide tweens with such an experience.

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  1. Oh, how I wish we could go back to those pre-internet days. Waiting for the letter, reading it again and again and then storing it neatly. Are kids these days having penpals? Those too will have to be screened by the parents.

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