How to Infuse Delayed Gratification in Tween


Delayed gratification means the ability to put off the receipt of an immediate reward to gain a better reward later. Tween are at an age where they are old enough to understand and know that delayed gratification may be difficult, but they know that for every great deed there is a potential reward waiting for their ability.

Example of Delayed Gratification

There are some things that parents should know about delayed gratification and they will be discussed below.

Starting with an example to understand delay gratification is to spend now or save for later predicament. For example, the tween wants to have a guitar he or she likes. The tween also has saved enough money with which they can buy any inexpensive guitar but not the one they want. Here as parents, they can tell if they save more money in the future, they will be able to buy the guitar they really want. Otherwise, go with one that is purchasable now.

This will make the tween think of a greater reward which is the guitar they want and he or she will try to save more money.In short, the tween need guidance from their parents to choose the later better award over the quick immediate award. Here we can see parents’ supervision is very important in helping achieve delayed gratification understanding for the kids in their tween years.

Importance of Delayed Gratification

It is important to learn delayed gratification because it establishes a lifelong precedent. Children who never delay gratification will become adults who struggle to resist temptation and achieve goals. Meanwhile, those who master this challenging skill now will grow up succeeding, meeting goals, and experiencing greater health and happiness.

How can parents encourage a child’s ability to delay gratification?

To encourage a child’s ability to delay gratification some tips are mentioned below.

Help with goals:

Parents can help tween step by step to achieve their goals.Let’s say they have a huge project they are working on. Parents can promise the tween rewards such as outings and dinners. This will make them enthusiastic about their work and make every effort to complete their project.

Find Creative distractions

Positive distraction techniques are really helpful for delayed gratification. we are building self control . So distract them by helping them discover new hobby.

Keeping promises:

Trust develops when promises are kept. Parents should make sure that
they fulfill their promises to their tween. In doing so kids are encouraged to achieve their goals.

Model self control

Children copy the behavior they see, so it’s important to model the self-control you want your children to demonstrate. For instance, talk to your children about topics like saving money and waiting patiently.


Learning delay gratification can help teens understand the consequences of their action.Kids can learn to set goals and by understanding the concept of delayed gratification they can accomplish them and be successful.

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