Ways to Manage Your Toddler’s Sleep Routine


As a growing toddler, your little one would start liking their waking cycle a lot, since they would love exploring new things every day. Most toddlers get shifted from cribs to beds between the ages of 2 and 3. They do not want to be separated from the parent or miss out on any of the fun activities going on. All of this can affect their sleep pattern which may delay their cognitive development . Kids who are always sleep-deprived are more likely to have trouble paying attention and learning, and can be overweight.So it is important to help your child to have a good sleep routine.

Reasons for irregular sleep routine

There are several reasons behind irregularity in sleeping pattern of kids, but the most probable ones are –

  • Restlessness throughout the day
  • Poor digestive system
  • Overtiredness due to a lot of activities
  • Nightmares, Innate fears, or insecurities
  • Sudden discomfort because of anyone or any activity

How to develop pre-bedtime sleep routine

It’s essential to develop a standard bed time routine for kids. Toddlers should have 11-14 hours of sleep over a 24-hour period. You can be split up between a nap or two during the daytime and nighttime sleeping. It may take several weeks before you discover what works best for your toddler.Thus, to ensure a peaceful night sleep, you can create a pre-bedtime ritual. Personally, I followed the below given activities, which every parent must try –

  • A comforting warm bath
  • A hot glass of milk and their favourite nuts or flavour powder added to it
  • A good bedtime story
  • A relaxing environment having comforting lights and candles. You can do this in your little one’s bedroom, make sure that there is no TV or electronic gadget around

How to help your toddler sleep well at night –

  • Avoid feeding them processed food instead feed them whole foods during dinner time
  • Understand their behaviour and be vigilant about what they watch or do throughout the day
  • Communication is the key, talk a lot and ensure that your little one is sharing their insecurities and issues with you fearlessly
  • Try keeping away negative responses from your kid’s during bed time as all of it can distract or trouble their sleep a lot
  • Ensure that your kid uses toilet before going to bed so as to avoid any discomforts while sleeping
  • Give your kid a sense of control over the bedtime routine, let them make choices on their own like their night attire, or bed toys, etc.

Quality and adequate sleep is a lot essential for the little one’s overall growth. Always make sure that you do your best to help your kid get a sound sleep, and try sleeping along with them!

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  1. O Wow! This post was so required, Jyoti. I am literally struggling to get my toddler’s sleeping hours. I have noted down few pointers, hoping it will bring back my younger one’s sound sleep.

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